Why You Should Check Your MyCTOS Report Today

Financial institutions often verify your credit history with credit reporting agencies like CTOS before approving your loan and credit applications. Your credit history is contained in a MyCTOS Report - so ensuring that it is updated and accurate before applying will give you the best possible chance of securing an approval.


Check & Update Your Status

To get a fair credit evaluation from financial institutions, make sure your personal information is correct and up-to-date at all times.

A MyCTOS Report will contain the following:

Have Your Say

In the event that you spot discrepancies, you will be able to rectify the information.


Stay Updated

CTOS will alert you so that you are always informed and can take action if needed.

  • Get notified of any new litigation records in your name
  • Receive free notifications via email or CTOS mobile app
  • Receive automatically updated MyCTOS reports twice a year - in January & July

Your MyCTOS Report is FREE

Registering for MyCTOS is FREE and you will receive the following:

  • 1st MyCTOS report for absolutely FREE
  • 2 updated MyCTOS reports per year- in January and July - for FREE
  • Notification alerts on new litigation records - for FREE

How do i get MyCTOS Report for my company?

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Download, print and complete the Company Form below. Affix your company stamp and attach the required documents as per instructions in the form.