Do you share my details with third parties when using the comparison services?

When you start your search, we use the information you provide us along with your credit information in CTOS’s database to calculate your eligibility against products such as credit cards and personal loans. For some products, we may share your personal data directly with the lender. This enables them to verify your details and estimate your eligibility for their products.

Do CTOS Credit Finder services show me every product on the market?

We act impartially and independently. Although we show products from lots of different companies, we don’t cover the whole market, which means other products may be available to you.

Can I still apply for credit if I have a poor CTOS Score?

You can still apply for credit with a poor CTOS Score, but your chances of being accepted are lower than if your score is good.

Remember that each time you apply for credit, this activity will be captured in your credit report. Each application may also lower your credit score, and multiple applications may be interpreted as you’re desperate for credit. The lower your score, the lower your chances of your credit applications being approved.

Can I be refused credit even if I have a good CTOS Score?

The better your CTOS Score the more likely you are to be accepted for credit, but there’s no guarantee you’ll always be accepted. Every lender/partner has its own criteria and may want more information before offering you credit.

Why was I refused credit where I was eligible on CTOS CreditFinder?

If you apply for eligible offer from a lender/partner you’ll usually be successful, but it’s not guaranteed as the lender/partner always has the final say.

Your pre-approved application may be rejected if you:

• Didn’t complete your application straight away and your credit score or circumstances have changed in the meantime

• Didn’t apply for the credit via CTOS CreditFinder

• Applied using different information from what you entered on CTOS CreditFinder

• Didn’t pass the lender/partner internal identification, verification and fraud checks

• Applied for several credit offers within a short period of time

• Already have another credit facility with the lender/partner

How do I know how much interest I’d be paying on a credit card or loan?

To understand how much interest you’d pay on a credit card or loan, look out for the interest rates laid out below each product listing. Remember, these are only summary descriptions so you should always check your card or loan terms to understand the actual rates they charge and the conditions that apply.