According to a report by The Star, as many as 18,227 people were declared bankruptcy in 2017, followed by 16,482 people in 2018. In Malaysia, debt is an issue for many people, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19, which has affected incomes and salaries.

Amidst these challenging economic times, there is always hope. The first thing any debtor needs to know is that there are many options to pay off debts, no matter how heavy or impossible they look. As a debtor, you can always explore these available options provided by legal agencies and institutions. Some examples include AKPK, loan restructuring by the banks themselves and private consultants.

The benefit of seeking help before your financial situation gets critical is that your credit records won’t be affected too much. Bankruptcy can leave a lasting mark on your financial records, affecting your ability to get financing, start a business or the like in the future. This is where solutions like SBH’s Easy on Debt™ come in. Easy on Debt™ helps you to pay off your credit card debts, loans and other debts via a strategy that’s customized and tailored to your needs.

Our debt resolution plan is able to:

● Consolidate your debts

● Restructure them

● Reduce your interests

● Lower your monthly repayment rates

● Ensure your repayments are within your means

● Allow you adequate remaining budgets for your daily needs

● Ensure you don’t get blacklisted from future loan / credit card applications

● Ensure that your credit score remains good

With our very own proprietary 5-step approach, SBH ensures that you’ll be able to get the help you need in a timely manner. We have about 20 expert financial consultants that will be able to attend to your personally. Once a consultant has been assigned to your case, he or she will follow up with you all the way.

Before you can consolidate and find a strategy to resolve your debts, you need to know your current financial standing. One way to do that is to purchase a MyCTOS Score Report as soon as possible, which you can do easily and affordably.

With a MyCTOS Score Report, the next few steps will be much smoother as it will allow SBH’s consultants to see a clearer picture when formulating your Easy on Debt™ strategy.

The Easy on Debt™ program is implemented in 5 easy steps:

1. Our consultant meets with you for a free consultation session, either face to face or online through Advice On9.

2. We analyze your current financial situation, via all the information you provide us.

3. We propose a customized strategy that’s tailored specifically for your case.

4. You’re allowed to give feedback and ask for any improvements.

5. Once you’re satisfied, you can approve the strategy and we’ll get to work implementing it.

Debt isn’t an eternal prison. There are legitimate and legal ways you can get out of it, with the correct strategy and help. No matter what your current situation is and no matter how challenging it may be, let SBH’s consultants propose proper ways for you to overcome your debts for a brighter financial future.